Soul. Spirit. Power. Freedom.

Step into the realm of Noel Scales.

The 26 -year -old artist, songwriter, and composer is renowned for her hard hitting, socially and emotionally conscious expressions. Inspirational, informative, and down­ to ­earth; Scales’ poetic and musical offerings inject a progressive, heartfelt, and reflective vibe into any live show, and to any ear fortunate enough to come upon her voice.

Scales was born and raised in Philadelphia. A natural creative talent, she has been a performance artist since the age of eleven. Possessing a powerful wit and inextinguishable drive to match her creativity, Scales graduated from Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP) High School in 2009, then went on to study piano, voice, music composition, and music theory at Temple University’s Music Preparatory School. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media Studies from Temple.

Scales began to better find herself when in college.

“I had a roommate who told me that I got on her nerves, but that my music really spoke to her. That took me down a level; Humbled me a lot. That made me realize that, as human beings, we all have journeys. And, that, on some level, the minor details don’t really matter. We’re all made up of the same thing, and are all imperfect. But, we are the way we are supposed to be. I realized that I have the ability, via my art, to help people overcome personal feelings. I carry power; A special vibration.”

After college, Scales moved to Atlanta to pursue her musical career. There, things did not go as planned, but fortunate nonetheless. She wound up jobless, financially barren, and caring for a senile uncle. Spending much of her time indoors, she began journaling about her thoughts, which helped her develop into a better songwriter. “I grew to respect my flaws; To accept myself as a human being”, says Scales. “It is OK to make mistakes.

I learned to respect who I was.”

Not one “too concerned with plaques”, Scales values persuading others to grasp that they, too, can overcome strife. Although, “I need to win a Grammy”, jokes Scales. “What motivates me in my art is to inspire others into self-esteem, confidence; To give energy. I want to make people smile and self-reflect; To do the same for others that music has done for me.”

As a poet Scales was featured in the 2009 edition of the HBO docu-series Brave New Voices, representing the esteemed Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement. As a budding songwriter, she has penned records for artists such as, B Smyth, Asia Sparks, Killiam Shakespeare, and Beano. With the success of her single "Good Girl" accumulating over 500,000 streams on soundcloud, her long awaited EP "Beautiful Bad" is set to be released August 2017 This young woman’s voice has carried her a very long way, and the future looks undeniably